Basic Information
Name Caelen Exeter
Gender Male
Height 165cm (5'5")
Age 14
Weight 60kg
Status Alive
Mage Type Mature
Mage Item belt (buckle)
Mage Weapon flail/grappling hook hybrid
Level 10
Job Fyr'st Word (Boss)
House A3
Voice normal: Saiga Mitsuki
mature: Midorikawa Hikaru

Quotation1.png State your name: given name and surname. Quotation2.png

—Caelen Exeter, demanding introductions from strangers

A mature mage more often than not assumed to be older than he actually is. Known well for his frankness and almost permanent taciturn scowl, he has this need to understand what is happening in Fyr'stcercle and while not a prime source of information, he shares what little he knows about Fyr'stcercle willingly with others who ask. Quick to help, but his "amiable" personality seems to belie this willingness of his.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

At a glance, one would think he's older than his actual age: fourteen years old. He is pale-skinned, with vivid red eyes often described as "ruby red". He wears his lilac hair in a bob hairstyle of sorts where the fringes to the side of his face are longer than the ones near the back of his head. His bangs are longest at the center of his head and are shorter towards his temples. He can be seen combing his hair back in a slick hairstyle when in more formal garments. He often frowns, though this is, in fact, his neutral expression. Long-legged with more noticeable bulk on the upper half of his body, he has a lean build. He tends to have good posture whether he stands or sits down. Appears to be Caucasian.

He always wears leather gloves over his hands, which cut off a little above his wrists. His choice of clothing tends to look like something from the 1900s. His neutral outfit consists of a white, collared silk shirt he tucks into his dark purplish-gray knickerbockers; long, ribbed cotton socks that reach just below his knees; a button-less vest the same material as his knickerbockers; a purple leather belt with an ornate silver buckle that serves as his mage item, and a silk cravat in Tyrian purple.

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