Character becomes an adult(bishounen/bishoujo) in this form. Character should appear 5-10 years older.
Only this form can have black/gray/white as their main color. They age mentally this time but this is not treated as 'future' self.

Mature Mage Benefits[edit | edit source]

Mature mages receive +5 bonus power at level 1.

List of Mature Mages[edit | edit source]

Adrian Sommer

Aeschylus (Deceased)

Agnes Keyes

Blueberry (Deceased)

Caelen Exeter

Caidric N. Valentine

Chester Everett

Clarence D. Spina

Claudeus D. Luminesca


Desya Iskander (Deceased)

Dianthus P. Clemens

Elan R. Zeitzev

Eleonares Autumn

Eon Horloge

Felix Silphic (Deceased)

Fion Symmes (Deceased)


Kendrix Baston

Kyler Strike (Deceased)


Lenora McKinley (Deceased)

Leon James

Lei Sun

Luhan Wu

Meefurriel Lun

Mikel Chance

Niel Flaemhart

Nikolai Evans


Pierce Lemieux (Deceased)

Ridel Terrio

Riya Helms (Deceased)

Rhosyn Lovett

Roxanne Ryvers (Deceased)

Rui Kyros

Sakurada Saki

Shang Feng

Tate Stellan

Thomas Lurie


Xiang Durant

List of Mature Mages[edit | edit source]

All items (43)

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