Character reverses gender for this form. Gender-swapped character still maintains similar traits to their original identity. They still keep their personality...

All Reverse Mages have a double-sided arrow marking somewhere on their body. The size, shape, and location of this arrow(s) varies.

Reverse Mage Benefits[edit | edit source]

Reverse mages have a +5 magic bonus from the start.

List of Reverse Mages[edit | edit source]

Alexis Moore


Aden Runia


Cecille Leia

Cyril Perry

Demyan Iskander

Dennis O'Neil

Fenris Thursday (Deceased)

Fitela Atthase


Kohl Emmerson (Deceased)

Jean Louis

Ludo Volpe

Marissa U. Wright

Nico Perry

Pomelo Chocomallow


Raiu Choshi (Deceased)

Theodore Sith

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