The most typical and basic of Mage types. Although it doesn't drastically change a character's appearance like other forms, it has other advantages.

Apperance-wise, the mage will look like what one would normally think of when thinking of "magical girl/boy". The character will look the same and share the same physical characteristics as their normal form, although their hairstyle may change. Their hair color cannot be changed aside from the shade.

The standard mage's master form is called "Supreme", which cannot be accessed by standard mages with familiars.

Standard Mage Benefits[edit | edit source]

Standard mages are permitted to have a familiar --however, having a Familiar revokes the option for the standard mage to possess the Supreme form. Standard mages also have a +5 Potential bonus.

List of Standard Mages[edit | edit source]

Aelia Lynn

Aether (Deceased)

Ashe Fynnle


Christopher Cummings (Deceased)

Collin Ragdoll

Dove Tessler (Deceased)

Drasil Vanderhert (Deceased)

Eisha Rein

Haku Tachibana

Hertz Fortissimo

Jamie Park

Jousuke Kisaragi (Deceased)

Jun Han (Deceased)

Kairi Kyros

Lait (Deceased)

Lee Go

Lozaria Freyg

Mari Mouton


Nathan J. Fredrich


Owen O'Bryne


Periwinkle Winter (Deceased)

Piper Ray


Racquel Monet


Rowina Aisling (Deceased)

Ruzai Locke


Sheila Barlec

Shouta (Deceased)


Steiler Silphic (Deceased)

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