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Dear Mage,

Welcome to Fyr'stcercle! I hope your trip weren't too...difficult! Some seem to find our method of transportation a bit stomach-churning--and don't worry if you can't remember exactly how you got here or why you're here. What matters now is you're here and ready to embark on a journey of discovery!

You cannot communicate with your family or friends outside of Fyr'stcercle at the moment due to communications being jammed by the protective barrier... please take this time to make friends! They are all in the same boat as you after all... And if you recall from the brochure, time passes a bit differently here. They'll hardly know you've been gone.

I must apologize in advance for sending you this letter instead of greeting you in person, Mages are busy folk after all. Ehehehehe..

I trust that you already had your Mage Classification Exam before arriving here. You also should already have your Mage Item.... again do not worry if your memory is a bit hazy. That tends to happen to most people when they first arrive here. Your memories will return shortly, rest assured.

You are free to wander the academy grounds and town as you see fit. However, do not go beyond the walls--you can't get through the barrier anyway. The Outer Town is a dangerous place... only Mages with licenses are allowed to go there.

The academy does not have dorms, instead you will be living in small houses in the campus housing villages located next to the academy. You may choose one person you'd like to house with. However, until house groupings are decided you'll have to stay at one of the town inns.

For now feel free to familiarize yourself with the town... many of the locals are looking for part-timers if you wish to work. There's many entertainment venues for you to enjoy too...(I personally enjoy the local theme park myself!)...just don't stay out and party too late!

I will contact you again with more information regarding your stay at Fyr'stcercle!


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