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Dear Mage:

I hope you are well. As you can see Fyr'stcercle is in... not the best of conditions. I have already addressed this problem with the Mages that did not leave for Disphere but I felt it was necessary to explain what is currently going on so those who did so you and your friends are in the least bit of danger as possible.

Some of you may have seen the large "orb" in town square. Some of you may be more or less familiar with what it can do. I won't get into the finer details since it doesn't concern most of you and it would take too long to explain. Time is precious even if doesn't pass in the same way we're used to. To put things briefly, some of researchers at the Academy were trying to investigate the orb in order to understand its mysteries better. We are told that there have been some helpful findings however those came at a great price.

We are now able to produce a Negate serum for those inflicted with most of you know as "runes" curse. This serum, although it does not cure one of runes, it can delay it for another month. Quite handy yes? There are some side effects from what what I've been told but compared to the previous test serum... it is a major improvement. This serum is still quite difficult to make so if you wish to have our researchers make one, you need at least 100 esse and a mage orb.If you have these items ready, contact Professor III of the academy.

I mentioned there was a "great price" to getting these findings. In order to conduct this research...there had to be many "test samples". However, when acquiring these samples... we lost control of the inflicter of runes. Thus there were many more casualties than we ever could've imagined. While the main source of danger has been taken cared of, there are still many creatures lurking around town.

I humbly request that all Mages work together but also be careful. Teamwork is essential but also keep in mind sometimes there can be too many mages. If you all transform for one or two enemies... who will be there to protect Fyr'stcerle when another creature strikes?


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