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Dear Mage:

It has been a while since I have sent a letter to you. I can reassure you that that was only because I did not to wish to burden you with frivolities; Fyr'stcercle for the most part has been at constant peace.

I'm sure many of you are aware that soon some citizens will be making their way back Disphere to participate in the Ball of Loons. I do hope you all have a grand time there, even those who have already visited, I'm sure there will be many new things there for you to experience. Noiré and Blanché are both equally beautiful...

Some of you may have heard about a war but again, let me assure you that even in such an event that would normally breed animosity, it would be better to keep your bonds strong. As they say in Disphere, "A person that falls into a lake and drowns is but a fool. If he floats or swims to safety, then he is a loon." : )

If dancing bores you, I do recommend you try a "dungeon", it would be fun to test your Mage abilities would it not? Or perhaps try your hand at some culinary arts? Disphere's known for their food after all...

For those staying here in Fyr'stcercle, I sincerely respect your decision to do so. Be aware that time flows a bit differently so it will be some time before you see your friends again. Distance does make the heart grow fonder though~

For those leaving, you will be given a "train boarding ticket". Please keep it safe since you will need it to get to and from Disphere.


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