Familiars are mysterious creatures that serve as "partners" to Standard Mages. Knowledge about them are very limited. They are entirely optional, and can be obtained at any time. Current familiars are from the 3rd or 4th generation. Their original purpose was to farm esse but their existence was a failure at first, said Three.

To obtain a Familiar, the Standard Mage makes a contract with them after having them approved. However, the Mage will have no recollection of the contract taking place. Familiars will also not remember details about the contract but to serve their Master until the contract is fulfilled. Appearance wise, Familiars' normal form do not have to be based off of their Master's mage item but loosely the mage themselves. They are genderless but will take a more feminine or masculine figure depending on their Master. 

Their main form of communication is talking telepathically to their Master or other familiars. Otherwise, they have a speech impairment when speaking aloud. All of the Familiars have a mindset of an adult though they have more animalistic personalities in their normal form. Also, Familiars are very loyal to their Master, even if they don't like them.

Unlike Mages however, they do not leave any esse behind when killed.

While having or previously having a Familiar prevents Standard Mages from accessing their Master form, Standard Mages can acquire the "Parasite" form. However, there are no information on how to access it.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Familiars can have a wide range of abilites from flying or swimming to breathing fire. Their abilities are based on how strong their Master is.

Familiars, however, can only use half their Master's stats when the Mage is transformed. If their Master is not transformed, they're about as strong as a Lv.1 Mage. But there are some special cases...

They can generally sense where their Master is. They don't require food and can function on their Master's energy.

Human Form[edit | edit source]

Under special circumstances, they can take a humanoid form, retaining their original personality. Familiars can transform by draining their Master's potential stat permanently. It normally takes one potential stat to transform, and the transformation time is halved. For example, if a Mage can transform for one hour, the familar can transform for thirty minutes. However, if both Mage and Familiar are transformed, the Mage is rendered unconscious. Familiars cannot transform without their Master's permission.

Familiars in this state have the same stats as their Master, but their abilities are different. Familiars by default start out with one ability and can obtain new ones by consuming 100 esse. However, they cannot have more abilities than their Master.

Similar to their normal form, Familiars still can only speak through telepathy to their Master and other Familiars but cannot speak outloud.

List of Familiars[edit | edit source]


















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