A special event during AnimeExpo 2013. It is treated as an Alternate Universe, similar to Tricore. It too was a system like Tricore; however, it was unstable thus earning its termination.

In Fyr'stcercle, people go inside a mysterious tent to fill out a sheet to describe themselves. Those words are then somewhat used as their titles for the event. 

Those who signed up arrive as newcomers of Nāhwǣr. It is said that in two weeks time, a monster of enormous size called Gadri'Annis will appear in town. It is attracted to the worlds tipped in the favor of Chaos. Some say it is the rebirth of the end or that it will grant a miracle. But the price of such thing will be the end of the world. As time passes by, people start disappearing and end up shown in the center of town, shewered through their body as a warning of sorts.

Gadri'Annis comes to town, with its body parts appearing in various areas. Those with abilities attempt to take the monster down to save Nāhwǣr from total destruction.

During this time, Dis'Astrem —a gender-neutral witch—have been travelling around, selling mysterious wares to those who are interested. This person reveals to have been to Fyr'st and seen all of those—for example, Tarot and Meruru—and is acquianted with Missy .

Nāhwǣr[edit | edit source]

A hub of operations for the event. Pronounced as "Nowhere." 

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