This section gives a more in-depth explanation regarding Goods Creation.

How to Create Goods[edit | edit source]

  • Keep in mind that this applies to jobs that offer products. There are exceptions to having a purely “shop” type job.
  • The ability to create goods is based off a person’s luck(and certain equipment items). For every 10 luck a character has, they can submit one new product a week. Ordinaries without stats can create 1 item by default
    • ex. If the mage has 34 luck they are able to submit 30 goods a week.
  • A person can only create a maximum of 30 goods by default regardless of how many jobs they hold. There may be opportunities to increase this limit in the future.

Types of Goods[edit | edit source]

  • The goods should relate to the shop theme and be specific enough to not overlap with another shop's specialized products.
  • The items designed by the worker may or may not be hideous based upon their abilities.
  • The workers cannot create items they do not possess the ability to make such as items that have magical effects (it must be learned). It is possible to add realistic effects such as a food item giving someone food poisoning...

Non-Good Jobs[edit | edit source]

  • The shop isn't necessarily limited to a strictly “goods” type shop. Shops like this must be discussed with the appropriate department and obtain approval.
  • Since these type of workplaces don’t follow regular shop rules, it may not have regular salary like typical shops.
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