Located in South Fyr'stcercle, the current hospital is the second one to date after the first one was burnt down. It is run by Dr. Doctor, or Four, with his assistant / receptionist Nurse Felicity . Best not to try to flirt with the Doctor... There are also some NPC Nurses around.

There seems to be a supply...of Mage body parts, for some reason. On occasion, Pan can be found here...

If looking for employment at the hospital, schedule an interview. Options include: cafeteria, gift shop and children's play area. If you already have a job and do not qualify for another, don't bother applying.


4th FloorEdit

Dr. Doctor's floor. You must schedule an appointment to meet with him.

3rd FloorEdit

Employee floor. Has a changing area, lodge and rooms for overnight stays.

2nd FloorEdit

Patient floor. For those who stay overnight or just need a place for check up. Visiting hours are from morning to late evening. Housemates or family can visit during the night.

1st FloorEdit

Consists of a waiting area, receptionist counter, cafeteria, gift shop and play area. Nurse Felicity is typically found here so talk to her for an appointment.


Must have permission to enter this area. Punishable if attempted to enter without it.


Doctor's appointment Edit

Who knows.

Room Check-InEdit

Costs 10 pluts a day. Basic treatment is given along with meals.


Costs varies. Treatment for seasonal sickness and such. 

Cosmetic SurgeryEdit

  • Scar / Tattoo removal - 25 pluts
  • Eye color change - 50 pluts
  • Height Change - 50 pluts per inch
  • Other - will give estimates if asked
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