A farm with a small shop front in northern Fyr'stcercle  that grows and sells exotic produces, flowers, and plants. Shop sells gardening tools and decors as well. It is originally owned by Eleonares Autumn, but management is transferred to Lozaria Freyg.

Lion Cave Farm
Lion Cave Farm Logo.png
Shop Information
Name Lion Cave Farm
Open Time Tuesday-Saturday
Location North Fyr'stcercle
Boss Lozaria Freyg
Current Employees Rui Kyros
Past Employees Eleonares Autumn

Goods[edit | edit source]

Icon/Image Name Type Description Creator
Beemango Fruit It tastes like it's been honey-infused, but the texture makes it seem like you're biting into an actual bee. Aria
Breadfruit Fruit Not something edible that can be thrown in the mouth once picked. But it's a good source of flour once ground. Aria
Chestnuts Nuts Chestnuts with different flavours like chocolate, milk, cream, caramel, chili and...normal chestnut, no ideas what flavor you would get because they look exactly the same outside. Rui
Cloudberry Fruit A sweet fluffy fruit that tastes like cottoncandy. Aria
Crabapple Fruit A juicy red apple in the shape of a crab. Aria
Flame Pea Vegetable Eating this pea will make you perspire continuously due to heat. It only grows in a hot environment. Aria
Garlishrill Vegetable A kind of garlic with a face depicting a near-death expression and letting out a high-pitched cry when uprooted. Aria
Golden Poofruit Fruit A fruit that has a strong and annoying smell, but tastes like heaven. Aria
Gourmet's Dice Fruit Not sure about the taste you want? Willing to take a palatable bet? Then the Gourmet's Dice is for you! It’s tasteless, but once it is rolled and landed on a number, it acquires a certain flavor depending on the number it lands on. Aria
Grapeyes Fruit Grapes with a transparent skin and large seeds, making it look like a clump of eyeballs. Aria
LCF-HoneyBunney.png HoneyBunney Fruit A sweet rabbit-shaped pink fruit filled with honey. Its face changes expression when cut. Aria
Lemorange Fruit Whoever came up with this fruit was in fact, bored. But you do get to enjoy a lemon and an orange in one go. Aria
Meowrange Fruit Another variety of an orange with a tangy citrus taste...and a silly cat face on its skin. Aria
Musicherry Fruit Anyone who eats this fruit will acquire the voice of a diva. The effects will last for an hour. Aria
Pumpking Fool Fruit A rather quaint vegetable that anyone who eats this will feel rich like a king...and act like a jolly fool. Aria
Rambutan Fruit A red hairy fruit with two prominent horns. Its flesh is sweet and sour and has a gummy texture. Aria
Sandmum Fruit A melon whose skin looks like a wrapped bandage. When eating this, you will feel like you are tasting sweet sand. Aria
Snow Pea Vegetable A cold pea that when consumed will send chills throughout the whole body. It only thrives in a cold climate. Aria
Starbuko Fruit A star-shaped coconut that taste like mixed coffee, cream, and well...coconut. It can knockout a person when hit on the head and dream of being surrounded by stars. Aria
Waterpocket Fruit It's just pure water that the tree collected and stored in its pouch-like fruit. Aria
Icon/Image Name Description Creator
Bloombrella A flower with petals that resemble an umbrella and grows in a rainy environment. Its petals are water-resistant, which keeps the flowers from wilting too soon. Aria
Fuyu'mari Flowers which are snowflakes and diamond shaped. If there are many of them, they can act as AC. Rui
Lanter Flowers with shape of lantern, can glow in the dark. Might be varied in sizes and colors Rui
Taiyoshi Sunflower with star shaped in the middle. If faced the sunlight will start singing “twinkle twinkle little star~" Rui
Wind Whisperer Whenever a wind is present, the flower spins and creates a soft whistling sound. Aria
Icon/Image Name Set Description Creator
Boomberry A trailing woody-stemmed plant with fruits that make an explosive sound on forceful impact to a surface. Aria
Cymbells Flower Orchestra A type of hanging flower in the shape of cymbals. It plays sounds same as the said instrument when near four other kinds of musical flowers. Aria
Rattlebelle A green plant with flowers in the shape of a bell that rattles whenever wind is present. Aria
Gardening Items
Icon/Image Name Description Creator
Checkerboard Grass Patch A grass patch that is of a checkered pattern. It is often expended as a playing field by avid players of human checkers or chess. Aria
Glass fertilizer Environment-friendly and no smell fertilizer, become moisture when interacted with the Grassy. Rui
Grassy Indoor grass, can grow without soil. Soft, clean, environment-friendly and comfortable to walk on, can replace carpet. Specialize fertilizer might be needed. Rui
Limang Pots Five planting pots affixed to each other. Recommended for small plants. Aria
Merry Soil A special soil fertilizer for plants that need happiness as a daily requirement for growth. Aria
Icon/Image Name Description Creator
Yotsuba Yotsuba "Laminated 4-leaf clover, can be used as gift/good luck charm as you can write a little message on it.” Rui

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