Mages are children who appear in Fyr'stcercle lacking any prior memories. They often appear in the fountain in Town Square. They are able to regain their lost memories of their time before Fyr'stcercle. They have the ability to transform into a mage form (see below for a list of these forms). Upon death, they turn into a marble-sized orb (often of the same color as their main color) rather than a corpse as the townspeople do. Despite being normal humans, they are more durable compared to most (even out of transformation).

Ordinaries also appear in the same manner that Mages do, but lack a defaultly given primary form).

General Information[edit | edit source]

Mages are boys or girls that are as young as five years old to as old as seventeen years old. They cannot be outside this age range, and are unable to age through normal circumstances (exceptions to this rule are through an Age Potion, although they cannot age up or down outside the age range).

Each mage has a unique item that is important to them and acts as transformation item to allow them to transform into their mage form. A mage's outfit is usually based on their mage item. This item is generally extremely durable--however, if it is broken (whether accidentally or deliberately), the former mage will then be able to age, and will no longer be able to transform.

Each mage has defaultly one "form", called their "primary form". This is automatic--they can gain a "secondary form" through other means (not discovered yet). In their mage forms, they have heightened physical durabilty, special abilities that usually employ extreme power or a form of magic in order for them to battle. Some ordinaries appear in Fyr'stcercle with a "secondary form".

Mages in Fyr'stcercle are expected to take responsibility for fighting the monsters that appear outside the barrier of the town.

Primary Mage Forms[edit | edit source]

Secondary Mage Forms[edit | edit source]

Master Mage Forms[edit | edit source]

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