Micky is an Ordinary who runs the Artpaca Cottage arts and crafts store. She is easily identified by the unnaturally long ahoges on her head that often seem to give off a threatening vibe.... Voiced by Akesaka Satomi

███████ ████████
Basic Information
Name Mi Kyung Yi
Given Name Micky
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 5'1
Status Alive
Mage Type Ordinary
Job Artpaca Cottage
House A6

Appearance[edit | edit source]


History[edit | edit source]

As of right now much is not known aside from the fact that she seems to have come from a military background. She frequently found talking to a "Sir Fluffy Blizzard Icicle Firefly Eyes."

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Aelia Lynn - Acquaintance 

Arik Brandeis - Housemate

Darcy Teodoro - Acquaintance

Eon Horloge - Acquaintance

Haku Tachibana - Friend

Hertz Fortissimo - Friend

Jean Louis - Acquaintance

Jun - General Dislike

Kaoru Kiyama - Acquaintance

Kohl Emmerson - Acquaintance [ Deceased ] 

Lait - Housemate [ Deceased ] 

Lee Go - Acquaintance

Lozaria Freyg - Housemate

Meruru - Acquaintance

Nikolai Oseni - Acquaintance

Noah Hildessohn - Acquaintance

Owen O'Byrne - Friend

Sei - Friend

Sheila Barlec - Friend

Sion - Friend

Thalio "Thai" Lima - Acquaintance

Thorell Maharaj - General Dislike

Vespera - Acquaintance

Music[edit | edit source]

List of Music Themes

Trivia[edit | edit source]


Earlier Concepts[edit | edit source]

????: Created originally for the group Hoshizora High. Never made it past the lineart stage. 

November 2011: Accepted into the group Milizia. Original hair color was a darker brown color and only had a single ahoge. Originally had a beauty mark on the left side by her lip. Scrapped because Mochi kept forgetting to draw it. 

February 2013: Removed from Milizia and placed into MAGE. 

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