Just your regular folks without any magical powers... yep.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ordinaries are some of the citizens of Fyr'st that populate the town. It has been said that Ordinaries were once Mages themselves. Unlike Mages, they can exceed the age of 17. Mages and Ordinaries are similar in the way that neither of them have any recollection of memories prior to arriving in Fyr'st. 

Oddly, if they were Mages, they usually can't recall a time they were.

List of Ordinaries[edit | edit source]

Arik Brandeis (Deceased)


Cade Moriarty

Frederich Hickory (Deceased)

Leonardo (Deceased)

Maximus Ludus (Deceased)

Micky Yi (Deceased)

Noah Hildessohn


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