Ozwald Matthias De Vanderhert[edit | edit source]

Ozwald Matthias De Vanderhert is a Forbidden Mage who arrived in Fyr'stcercle soon after the death/disappearance of Drasil Vanderhert, a Standard Mage and non-blood relative of Ozwald's. Although, upon his arrival he did not witness Drasil's death, but instead picked up his Orb that was left in his place. He now currently runs the cafe, En Noir Et Blanc , with his co-worker Aelia in the absence of the original owner.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As a child who had been long since abandoned from a cruel yet noble family, Ozwald mostly acts on his with his own survival after being replaced by an adopted child (Drasil Vanderhert) as the youngest son from the infamous household of the feared and powerful Vanderhert family. He is foul-mouthed and ill mannered because of his lack of a proper upbringing, although he has given himself his own arrogance for the sake of keeping a higher status and well-being due to coming from a noble lineage. His over-confidence will often lead him to being haughty or smug towards others in most situations, however In truth, this confidence is easily shattered if the right buttons are pushed or if he feels that relationships are being placed at risk. Ozwald can also be very mischievous, stealing or teasing for his own pleasures as it seems to play a large role in making up for his lack of real placement in the world. Despite his behaviour, Ozwald actually possesses a great sense of morals even if often times they can be considered controversial. He can run a smart mouth at times, although he lacks proper etiquette and grace, leading him to feel more troublesome and obsolete whenever it is pointed out in particular. When he wants to be, he can be very playful and/or loving, which can mostly be associated for his greater need for companionship. His higher curiosity also leaves him to be easily distracted whenever something grabs his attention in particular. 

Other notable traits is that Ozwald will often display cat-like behaviour. This affects his tastes, as well as how his body responds and acts both physically and mentally. The way Ozwald tends to behave is very sly; his body movements being rather slinky, if not stealth-like, making him very good at stalking without making his presence known. He also has a habit of hissing when he is hurt or particularly angered, yet at the same time he will growl if he feels threatened. When in a good mood or if he is feeling safe in particular, he will purr involuntarily despite anything he says otherwise. Ozwald also has the habit of licking to display intimate gestures, or to display his show of care as he also enjoys rubbing/brushing against others to get their attention.

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