Sacrarium Teahouse is a Teahouse that was originally started by Arco. Ever since he left Fyr'stcercle, managment has been handed down to Jamie Park. It is located on the North side of Fyr'stcercle.

The Teahouse is currently undergoing remodeling due to change of management but it will otherwise have the same look and feel as its original image.

Mage sacrarium by kihoru-d4wxt41.png
Original Image by Tenyune
Basic Information
Name Sacrarium
Type Food & Dining
Main Focus Tea & Snacks
Location North
Boss Jamie Park
Employees Sei, Acceso

Mission Statement[edit | edit source]

"A cafe lounge that specializes in tea, with an assortment of snacks to go with the drinks. The cafe is divided into three separate areas that is arranged to reflect a certain style of ceremony, whether it's traditional Japanese tea, European high tea, or a casual hybrid."

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Exterior[edit | edit source]

On the outside, the Teahouse looks much like a modern building with an antique, exotic feel. The walls are made of wood but the front of the building is lined with tall windows. The roof is black and sleek. Surrounding the Teahouse are gardens and tall trees with long, lush leaves that provide ample shade surrounding the area, giving guests the sensation that they are drinking tea in the calm peace of nature.

Interior[edit | edit source]

The Teahouse is divided into three sections: front, West side, East side.

The front of the Teahouse (which is also the first area you walk into) consists of a counter area and a few simple looking tables and chairs where the casual tea is served. The specialty of this section of the Teahouse is hybrid tea and boba/bubble tea which can be consumed inside the building or taken out to-go.

If you walk to the left you will enter the West side of the Teahouse. This area consists of small tables covered in white table cloths and elegant wooded chairs with cushion seats. The style inspiration for this area is an English and French hybrid architecture. There are special booths in the back that gives a view to the gardens surrounding the Teahouse.

If you walk to the right you will enter the East side of the Teahouse. This area is entirely furnished in wood accents and subtley smells of cherry blossoms. While there are normal wooden tables with normal chairs lining the center, there are also special booths designed to give guests the experience of drinking tea in Asian culture, such as Chinese or Japanese. These booths are special in that the tables are low to the ground and guests must sit on cushions to enjoy their tea.

Teas[edit | edit source]

Casual Hybrid[edit | edit source]

Boba tea

Western/European Blends[edit | edit source]

Black teas

Eastern/Asian Blends[edit | edit source]

Green Teas, herbal teas

Potential Events[edit | edit source]

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