Quotation1.png"Letters say what cannot be said. A good letter will say more."Quotation2.png


The boss of the Post Office.

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Basic Information
Name V (Five)
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height ?
Weight ?
Workplace Post Office
Voice ?

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Character Design

 Five has unkempt hair underneath a cap that looks similar to Two and Three's. Has triangle/V-shaped marks on both cheeks. Typically wears the Postman's uniform with a green and white striped scarf. Has a white messenger bag. He is the tallest of the Numbers.

Appears to have eyebags.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He is quiet and somewhat shy (though the latter isn't too obvious). While he isn't affectionate, he does have a somewhat nurturing personality in that he does feel concern for people he knows. Unlike the other Numbers, though he posesses a similar curiosity toward the world, he doesn't feel compelled to experiment or research.

A workaholic, his desire to always keep busy is somewhat obsessive. While he always seems to be tired and/or stressed, he honestly enjoys the work. He is especially passionate about letters, the reason being that they can help express oneself through means other than verbal communiation. 

Due to his preference for overworking and putting up with IV's violent tendencies, many consider him masochistic. Though it was recently revealed that he has either a very high tolerance to pain or lacks the ability to feel at all.

Background[edit | edit source]


NPC Function[edit | edit source]

Serves as the boss of the Post Office.

NPC Relationships[edit | edit source]

Four - The two of them get along rather well despite having odd relationship mechanics and almost being opposites of each other. IV's sadistic and childish whims balance out with V's masochism and maturity. To most, it appears V is always taking care of and/or putting up with IV, but in his own way, IV is always taking care of V in his own more subtle way.

Three - The two don't interact much. III mostly views him as a babysitter for IV and looks down on him for his choice of profession. V isn't too fond of III's treatment of others and the fact that IV prefers her company over his.

Two - The status of their relationship is unknown.

Other Relationships[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like Two and Three, his alias is literally "Five" and written as V in canon. It refers to the number so if Fyrst used a different language, their version of saying the word "five" would still be correct.
  • It's said that Five bakes the Specialday cupcakes himself.
  • His character was II's original prototype in personality and function. This may be why he is somewhat similar to II.
  • He is loosely based of the "dere" archtype, dandere. 
  • In additional to being a good cook, he has good tailoring skills as well. He created all the hats the Numbers wear.

Character Art Designs[edit | edit source]

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